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Plaix museum - Saint Hilaire en Lignières

 Les "Thiaulins de Lignières" is a folk group which tries to perpetuate country traditions and the popular art of Berry in a marvellous setting, which is the Plaix castle in Saint Hilaire en Lignières (2km from Lignières)
The museum is more alive than ever thanks to its exhibitions and the folk group led by Mic Baudimant. 
The theme of the exhibition is about the way to dress during 19th century in Berry.

The folk group tries to discover and rediscover the traditions of Berry with the help of their 'Assemblée du Plaix', a musical and theatrical event which takes place during the 3rd week end of August 

web site: www.thiaulins.com

Open from May to end of October
From May 1st  till May 31 / from 15 September till 31 October: 2pm - 6pm every week end  
From July 1st till 15 September: 2pm to 6pm except Mondays &Tuesdays 


Office de Tourisme
du canton de Lignières

32, grande rue - 18160 LIGNIÈRES
Tél. 02 48 60 20 41